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    Warm Welcome to the most promising International School in Khamis... We are well on our way with our special responsibility and joythat of cultivating 'a mind at a time' (your child's mind). And as we all know 'each mind is special'. Some minds are wired to create symphonies and sonnets, while others are fitted out to build bridges, highways and computers; design airplanes and road systems; drive formula number one; or seek cures for cancer and hypertension. The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to fostering in our children, and among ourselves, the co-existence and mutual respect for many different kinds of minds. Khamis International School, Khamis Mushyat, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shall accomplish multiple goals along these lines. This International English Medium School is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education. Though our School will strive to make the academic progress a hallmark but above all, it remains committed to give to the world the citizens of tomorrow with their traditional values intact and their aspirations enhanced .

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    Welcome to the Most Promising School of Aseer Region, Khamis International School. Our School are conveniently located in a pleasant suburbs of KHAMIS MUSHAYT Khamis International School is now planning to go beyond the positive changes taken place today. Skill-based education is the area where Khamis International School is serious enough to take up the challenges to work out a model for the entire education fraternity. Skill-based education will be a new paradigm which will shatter to many myths existing in the academic and educational field. Our work aims to strengthen understanding and trust between students within different cultures. We support people striving for better informed, more inclusive societies that accept, respect and welcome each other. The School welcomes visitors and prospective parents at any time and to your convenience. Give your child the "Headstart" by booking your visit now

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    It is a matter of great honour that Sir Abu Ubaydullah Anwer AL-Ansari,General Direcor of kawader group internatiomal school ,under the Chairmanship of Dr.Mubarak Bin Saad Bin Abdallah Bin Suleiman, has set a marvelous example for the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by setting arecord of Excellence in promoting Education,meeting the challenges of 21st century. As Cambridge University completed 100 years of Service their students Union after conducting a survey and selected top 100 schools in the world and they have selected only two schools from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Out of which one is "Al-Jouf International School" under the auspices of Sir Abu Ubaydullah Anwer Al-Ansari,he is from Bombay an M.B.A. from University of Wales(UK) like Khamis International school,Al-Jouf International School is also abranch ofKawader group of International School. Now the Chairman of KawaderGroup of International Schools,Dr.Mubarak Bin Saad,gave charge of Aseer Region School"Khamis International School" to Sir Abu Ubaydullah Anwer AL-Ansari to up lift and promote Educational standard and serve the Khamis Mushayt.
    Now after taking charge of "Khamis International School".SIR ANSARI has made drastic changes in the academic activities such as ,Standardizing the proper running educational system for the school.Processing the Accreditation withAdvanceED-NCAwhich is an American Accreditation,this will provide customized protocols standardfor school like USA International Schools around the world,then initialing and affiliating the BRITSH CURRICULUM for all classes in"Khamis International School",as our school is already Cambridge International Examination affiliated and center for Examination of IGCSEstudents.This year we have conducted an assortment of Extra curricular Activities like Essay writting,Spelling-Bee,Craft & Skills Competition ,Islamic Quiz,Math is Fun,Social our world,Sceince Qirat,Public Speaking Competitions,and Sports tournaments to develop selfconfidence and self selfexpression among the students with an attempt to raise students morality and good manners.