Khamis International School was established eight years back as a one of branch of education institutes owned by a renowned educationist from Riyadh, Dr. Mubarak Bin Saad Bin Abdallah Sulaiman, It is primarily an English medium school with British curriculum and a valid license by the Ministry of Education, uptill “12th Grade” which is equivalent to “A-Level” with a view to provide educational facilities to all International communities.

We are well on our way with our special responsibility and joy-that of cultivating ‘a mind at a time’ (your child’s mind). And as we all know ‘each mind is special’. Some minds are wired to create symphonies and sonnets, while others are fitted out to build bridges, highways and computers; design airplanes and road systems; drive formula number one; or seek cures for cancer and hypertension. The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to fostering in our children, and among ourselves, the co-existence and mutual respect for many different kinds of minds.

I believe that what we do in school is vital to our world in many ways. I really feel and want that we all as teachers should provide students with a sense of belonging and we connect them to their community. Globally, we want to develop perceptive individuals who have empathy for others and think about the impact their actions will have on those around them.

My greatest challenge is finding that balance between meeting the academic and emotional needs of our kids. Many of our youngsters come to school with social and emotional difficulties that must be addressed before successful, quality learning can take place.

Although the Khamis International School will transcend boundaries and choices of learning for its students, it will simultaneously play a pivotal role in generating awareness and appreciation of both from the historical and cultural perspective. Different languages are also being offered to the students as a part of the Curriculum.

The school building, which is spread over 2 campuses, Male and Female section are separate and has been extensively modernized to provide excellent facilities for both academic work and cocurricular activities; we have really worked hard and created a warm atmosphere for all the students like:

  • Proper Neat and Clean Classrooms will provide a warm and friendly environment to nurture and foster the development of our children.
  • Proper Toilet facilities,
  • Bulletin boards for displays of students' work,
  • Posters of learning centers,
  • Proper Computer Lab,
  • Library,
  • Science Laboratory,
  • Multimedia Room,
  • Proper Canteen with refreshment hygiene for students
  • Big clean Campus with Football field with poles,
  • Volley Ball and Badminton with net
  • Hand Ball
  • Basket Ball
  • Baby Foot
  • Slides and Swing and other Sports Equipment for the entertainment and physical advancement of children,
  • Whole year around we had Exhibitions, Quizzes, Contest and Competitions for enhancing student’s thinking abilities.
  • We have designed a Programme called Brotherhood Programme for taking care of students who are weak in academic achievement and giving assistance and support to such special cases in order to promote their potential.
  • We have a proper system placed in our school by having a Proper Administration team, Students Counselor and the Teachers co-ordinators, Head of Department for each subject.
  • We’ll employ dedicated and well qualified teachers for all subjects including those for Arabic and Islaamic studies.
  • All our teachers like professionals are preparing a Proper Lesson Plan for their Respective Lessons, including Weekly Planning and Semester Planners.
  • We have regular meetings for all subjects by respective head of the department.
  • All staff members will undergo continual in-service training and appraisals to ensure that your child receives the very best Islamic education.
  • We have workshops for our teachers to train them by qualified instructor, we have really used some practical solutions as the development of the staff is always the biggest challenge for any institution
  • Literacy will meet the requirements of the National Curriculum of all countries who are in our school
  • Congregational prayers are offered daily in the school by student
  • All Formal subjects will be taught with Islaamic understanding, enabling the students to relate to the world from Islaamic perspective.
  • Student are encouraged to express Islaamic attitudes and behaviour, Proudly and openly.
  • We go for educational Excursions as well.

  • is now planning to go beyond the positive changes taken place today. Skill-based education is the area where Khamis International School is serious enough to take up the challenges to work out a model for the entire education fraternity. Skill-based education will be a new paradigm which will shatter to many myths existing in the academic and educational field.

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