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Warm Welcome to all, I am delighted to greet you on the occasion of the yearly magazine of Kawader Group of International School. As in this year’s magazine here I am writing related to Khamis International School, the most promising International School in Aseer. Saudi Arabia’s Aseer province has a long and proud heritage and Khamis Mushayt is its economic capital. Khamis International school in Khamis Mushayt operates according to the principle that in a globalised world, speaking excellent English is as important as keeping your cultural heritage alive. The school has students from 25 different nationalities. The integrated curriculum is specially designed for all the nationalities from kindergarten to grade 12. (O-Level- A-Level) As the chairman of Kawader group of international schools, Dr. Mubarak bin Saad bin Suleiman, gave charge of our Aseer region school “Khamis International School” to me as director to uplift and promote the educational standard and serve the Khamis Mushayt. Khamis Mushayt & Abha is a twin city in Aseer region and is a well developed and crowded city where pupils from Asian and African Continent, Arabian Gulf and other western countries, all interested to admit their children in international standard school, to prepare their children to pace with the next generation’s education and technology, I believe a successful director must be involved in the community. In today's society, the school must be an integral part of a neighbourhood. And I believe that what we do in school is vital to our world in many ways. Locally, we provide students with a sense of belonging and we connect them to their community. Provincially, we encourage students to have a positive outlook for what we do as a province. Nationally, we help to develop young people who can examine events within the context of a multicultural nation and understand different viewpoints. Globally, we want to develop perceptive individuals who have empathy for others and think about the impact their actions will have on those around them. After taking charge of “Khamis International School”, I made drastic changes in the Academic Activities, such as standardizing the proper running of the educational system for the school, processing the accreditation with Advanced-NCA which is an American Accreditation, which provides customized protocols and standards for schools in USA and international schools around the world, then initiation and affiliating the British Curriculum for all the classes in khamis international school, as our school is already (CIE) Cambridge international examination affiliated school and centre for examination of IGCSE students. And speaking sincerely I am committed to excellence in education. I consider it as his mission to find the best teachers to help the students at KIS and a good day for him is when teachers are excited about students' successes and students are proud of their accomplishments and eager to return the next day. I introduced British curriculum our school. Then adopted an assessment framework that makes students accountable for their own learning; it not only made the learning interesting but got all the students involved effectively as to get to a child's mind, you have to get his or her heart first. Now the school atmosphere empowers the students to take control of their learning and express one self. Every year we conduct an assortment of extracurricular activities like Science Exhibitions, Essay Writing, Spelling-Bee, Craft & Skills, Math is fun, Social our world, Qirat, Islamic Quiz, Public Speaking Competitions and Sports tournaments to develop self-confidence and self-expression among the students with an attempt to raise students’ morality and good manners. I want all my students when they enter the school gate they remind these in their mind that "AS I ENTER THESE DOORS I AM PREPARED TO LEARN" Respect Others, Share, Obey the Rules, Cooperate, Be Truthful, Keep Promises, Show Kindness, and Play Fair.

Our Credits

Cambridge University affiliated centre for international examinations (CIE) Provides overall development, technical support and assessment to the students who are always keen to tread their path to success. The curriculum prescribed by the British council to tailor the personality and mind integrates humanities, natural and social sciences, mathematics, technology and the arts.


It's important that a school leader can be trusted by the staff, the parents, and the students. Central office must also be able to trust a school director to do what is right for his or her campus. Trust and credibility must be earned by actions. A strong school leader is someone who can balance being a collaborative administrator within a learning community, an individual manager whom others seek for guidance, and a discerning director who makes child-focused decisions and always put kids first. This instinct nature or desire of self-reliance and self-expression to nurture intellect and talent is exceptionally maintained in the school atmosphere.

Talent development

A major part of khamis international school’s reform is its “talent development” programme, which attracts and diversifies the best students by moulding their minds and personality to express their talent and pace with the challenges of this 21st century. The luxury of destination is forbidden in the religion of knowledge. To witness how knowledge enables its possessor to distinguish what is forbidden and what is not, as a Director we strive to ensure that students are treated fairly and that we are giving them every opportunity possible. A strong school leader is always fair and consistent so that everyone feels valued. We hope to help them grow educationally, socially, and emotionally to become productive adults who value themselves and respect others. The quicksilver-destiny is the evidence of the bright future of the students, the time of deep slumber has passed as khamis international school has risen over the horizon (surrounding schools) within a short time.

A trusted institution

As a result of this approach, khamis international school has gained the honour as a reputable and most old and trusted international school in the Aseer region. ‘Our strategy is to look at how we could partner with institutions across the world to bring value to our students,’ the chairman explains. By adopting physically and psychologically healthy habits, students are taught to respect themselves as individuals and to be accountable as members of society. The school promotes a wide range of physical activities in both indoor and outdoor sports, participating in many regional and provincial championships in the process. Healthy eating is emphasised, and health, well-being and welfare are omnipresent in everyday life at the school. Since its inception, KIS has provided its students with a quality education in an atmosphere conducive to all-round achievement. It is in this way that many students continue to distinguish themselves. I always tell that educating children is one of most important jobs in any nation. Education is the basis for society to continue in a positive, productive way. we embark on a voyage together, which culminates when your children grow up to the flux of ideas, to the relativity of their own paradigms and those of the world around them and grow as strong, enlightened and awakened individuals; global leaders in their respective areas with new ideas and traditional values and with the ability to contribute to the world in general and the nation in particular. Parents and the school have a joint responsibility in the upbringing of a child. In order to achieve our common goal of making the child grow up as a responsible, disciplined and healthy individual, co-operation must prevail between the school and the parents. This will go a long way in boosting the morale and confidence of the children and the pleasure we derive in achieving this can never be equalized by anything. And last but not least, I extend kudos to all those practitioners and support team, who are driven by the quest for excellence in their respective areas and each one of whom, is always responsive to the energetic, engaging, demanding and delightful quests of the young, impressionable minds.

With Best Regards

Abu Ubayd Allah Anwar Al-Ansari
General Director
Kawader Group of International Schools

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